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Operational Excellence

JK Tool & Die, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Jim Kiebler to design precision, high-speed carbide progressive stamping tools. For over 40 years, JK Tool has been a strategic manufacturing partner for tooling, precision component manufacturing, and high-volume production machining dedicated to quality, service, and engineering solutions for our customers.

Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities available through our Weiss-Aug Group divisions can help streamline your supply chain logistics while offering the highest tolerance, quality, and on-time delivery.  JK Tool's team of experienced manufacturing experts is dedicated to customer satisfaction from design/prototype through final delivery.

JK Tool continues to exceed your expectations and guaranteeing quality product delivery by ensuring our systems are ISO 9001 certified and compliant.

Our Capabilities

Engineering Design

From designing complex, progressive stamping tools, to recommending manufacturing improvements, to proposing materials, to reverse engineering; our engineers focus on quality, precision, and total cost of ownership.


We meet and consistently exceed your most demanding dimensional accuracy and fine surface finish requirements. We have unique "small hole" capabilities down to finished hole diameters of 0.0090".


Our experienced staff produces the highest quality and precise tolerances and ultra-fine finishes on all challenging projects. JK Tool has a long history in precision grinding a variety of common and exotic materials.

Custom Assembly

Whether a part requires stitching of terminals, molding of multiple inserts simultaneously, laser welding or wire attachment, we can help you with the proper assembly methods for your program.

Precision Metal Stamping

With more than 200 best-in-class presses running across our U.S. and Mexico plants, we accommodate to high precision and miniature stamping, as well as medium tonnage mechanical stamping.


Weiss-Aug has built a Quality Management System designed to satisfy the most stringent of customer requirements across all major industries including medical, automotive and aerospace that ranked us in the top 5% within our industry in quality benchmarking.

Industries Served

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JK Tool & Die, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Jim Kiebler to design precision, high speed carbide progressive stamping tools. Over the past 33 years the company has designed, built and repaired thousands of tools. We can design, manufacture, repair, rebuild and test stamping and other tools. Our employees average well over 20 years of experience in engineering, grinding, EDM, and machining.