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JK Tool designs and builds complex progressive stamping dies, fixtures,  components and spares for the metalforming industry. Located in Carbide Valley, JK Tool has been an industry partner for robust stamping tooling, fixtures and spares since 1980.

From single-hit to complex, progressive stamping tools, we understand your vital requirement of making it Right, On-Time! Our vertically integrated manufacturing capabilities can streamline your supply chain logistics while offering the highest tolerance, quality and on-time delivery. JK Tool’s team of experienced Engineers, Technicians, Machinist & Toolmakers are dedicated to customer satisfaction from design/prototype through final delivery and every step between.

We have in-house die design, extensive machining, and wire EDM to support tooling builds, and various stamping press sizes to accommodate grooming, and pre-production stamping for customers.

JK Tool has a reputation for building complex and tight tolerance stamping dies for applications including, lead frames, connectors, medical component and terminal stamping applications.

JK Tool also offers prototype tooling builds with quick turnaround for time sensitive projects.


  • Stamping Tool & Die Types

    • Single and Multi-Station Prototype
    • Bridge Tooling
    • High Volume Stamping
  • Tool Design Capabilities

    • Flat
    • Forming
    • Coining
    • Assembly
  • Tool Steels

    • Various tool steels, stainless and aluminum
  • Die Size

    • 20” to 48”
  • Stamping Press Size

    • 30 Ton
    • 60 Ton
  • Design Files Supported

    • Autocad
    • Solidworks
    • 3D and 2D files including:
    • .dwg
    • .dxf
  • Other Tooling Services

    • Fixtures
    • Spares
    • Cut-Off Tooling
    • Tool Repair